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Meat Madness

Brand Strategy // Public Relations // Influencer Activation // Social Media Strategy and Content Production // Graphic Design // Copywriting // Video Production // Website Development // eCommerce



It was clear our fans loved Fiorucci’s Football/Valentine’s Day Super Board, so how do we answer their calls to bring custom charcuterie boards to other major sporting events?


Right behind the Super Bowl, March Madness has the second-highest number of “casual fans”. An estimated 70 million March Madness brackets are filled out each year. That means that for three weeks, millions of fans are gathering to watch games together, often over snacks and meals at home.


To help fans savor every minute of the 67-game tournament, we created a basketball-court-inspired Fiorucci charcuterie board complete with acrylic backboards perfect for dunking Paninos into their favorite dipping sauce.

The Hero Video

We tipped off the campaign with a social media video that told the story of the board and its exclusivity.

The Meat Madness Board

The board itself was custom-engraved to display a basketball court using the same wood you’d find in a real stadium.

The Influencer Promotion

The campaign was supported by three paid influencer partnerships with foodie creators on both Instagram and TikTok. Influencer partners @Ainttooproudtomeg, @Samanthabauchmann, and @FoodMyMuse all supported the launch of the sale with Instagram Reels, Stories and TikToks.

The Website and Online Sale

Aside from influencer partnerships, the board was available exclusively through a custom eCommerce landing page we built to host the limited time sale of the Meat Madness board, seamlessly integrated into Fiorucci’s existing website.


[The Results]

Combined, our social media creator promotions and our organic link shares garnered 753 unique visits to the campaign landing page. The campaign produced a total of 42 content pieces across Instagram and TikTok.

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