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[Sigma Foodservice USA Rebrand]

Foodservice Refresh

Brand Strategy // Web Design and Optimization // Graphic Design // Copywriting



Rebrand Sigma Foodservice USA with a bold new innovative edge.


Consumers are looking for better, bolder, and more interesting global flavors, while still keeping convenience priority #1. QSRs, C-Stores, and Non-Commercial establishments can’t continue to stock the same old foods if they hope to stay relevant in an era of evolving consumer needs.


Develop a new-and-improved brand personality that helps push Sigma Foodservice USA to the top of the food chain.

The Brand Book

From a refreshed market positioning and set of core values to colors, photography, type, and tone of voice, we helped fit Sigma Foodservice USA into an appetizing new brand wardrobe.


The Website

Time to put the brand book to work. We left no stone unturned and no page uncoded as we completely overhauled the Foodservice website with their bold and colorful new look.

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