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Brand Strategy

Brand Research, Strategy, and Positioning // Copywriting


[A Brand-New Perspective]

Independent Financial was named one of America’s best banks by Forbes in 2021. But they knew they needed to evolve and strengthen their brand identity around a deeper sense of purpose if they wanted to respond to shifting consumer and banking industry needs and keep their spot at the top. And we knew that some of the most important work happens long before the flashy creative. 


We worked with the bank’s leadership team to conduct more than 50 key stakeholder interviews across the organization as we developed a new brand strategy and positioning. This meant creating a new mission. A new vision. A new set of core values—and ultimately, a new banking identity that would connect, both internally and externally, as the bank expanded its footprint across Texas and Colorado.


The Positioning


Build strong healthy communities - one person, one family, one organization at a time.


Be the premier regional community bank of choice for individuals and businesses so that we can invest even more back into the communities we serve.


Delight our customers with personalized financial solutions, uplift our communities with financial and leadership support, and empower employees with positive professional growth opportunities.

The Values

We Embrace Servant Leadership
We are thoughtful, caring, compassionate and act with genuine selflessness. We know the better we all do our jobs, the more lives we can touch and improve. We build a legacy of service by paying it forward.

We Build Trust
We are ethical, honest and always act with integrity. We establish trust through transparency. We do the right thing even when others aren’t watching. We don’t “sell to sell”; we advise to improve.

We Foster Meaningful, Lasting Relationships
We inquire, we listen, we collaborate, and we make time to form personalized bonds internally and externally. We enable connections, not just transactions. We treasure the journey.

We Value Hard Work
We are energetic, passionate, and demonstrate our tenacity for creative problem solving. We go the extra mile...then a few feet more. And we strive to continuously improve and grow individually.

We Behave in A Principled Way
We are deliberate and make principle-based decisions that are in the highest, best interests of stakeholders. Our ability to consistently make sound business decisions ultimately enables us to make a bigger impact in our communities.

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[The Numbers]

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