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[Pure Edibles]


Brand Strategy // Art Direction // Graphic Design // Copywriting

The Recognition

Local & Regional Awards 

AAF ADDYS Phoenix   |  Online Interactive Consumer Website

AAF ADDYS Phoenix  | Elements of Advertising Logo Design



Pure Edibles, an Arizona cannabis candy company, needed a rebrand.


Pure knew that no matter how much the brand grew, they always wanted to be grounded in their authentic Arizona roots.


We came up with a refreshed modern look for the brand that would make Pure nationally recognizable with unmistakably Arizonan origins.

The Logo

We rejuvenated Pure’s logo to be equal parts whimsical fun and funky nostalgia. Inspired by Arizona’s treasured Frank Lloyd Wright, we married mid-century design elements with a color palette rooted in Arizona’s diverse desert and forest landscapes to elicit joy at every brand touchpoint.

The Packaging

We brought our fresh new logo to life on Pure’s entire lineup of product packaging, accentuating each tin and tote with jazzy architectural design elements.

The Website 

We overhauled Pure’s website with their new visual branding and tone of voice to make sure customers would receive the same experience digitally as they would in the dispensary.

[The Results]

If you think the rebrand looks good now, just wait ‘till you see it after taking a Pure Edibles gummy.

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