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Sounds of Innovation

Brand Strategy // Video Production // Art Direction // Copywriting

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The Recognition

Local & Regional Awards 

AAF ADDYS Phoenix   |  Elements of Advertising: Sound Design Gold

AAF ADDYS Phoenix  | Film, Video, & Sound Internet Commercial

AAF ADDYS Phoenix  |  Cinematography



Excelligence Learning Corporation wanted to promote how innovative their products are for today’s elementary school learners.


For teachers today, the most innovative products are often the hands-on ones that students can stretch, click, twist, squeeze, and feel.


We created a video campaign that leveraged the sounds of Excelligence’s most tactile products so that teachers could hear how innovative the brand can be for their classroom.

The Video

Our ASMR-inspired video series consisted of a hero video along with a series of paid media cutdowns. And folks had a hard time only listening once.

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