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Teacher Appreciation Week

Brand Strategy // Social Media Strategy // Copywriting // Influencer Activation // Video Production

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The Recognition

Local & Regional Awards 

AAF ADDYS Phoenix  | Online Interactive Social Media Gold

AAF ADDYS Phoenix  |  Film, Video, and Sound Internet Commercial



Excelligence Learning Corporation wanted to send a thank you to America’s teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Teachers don’t just teach kids. They teach all of us a lesson in what it means to selflessly love, care, and persevere for others.


We chose some of the most heartwarming stories from #TeacherTok and compiled them into a video that thanked the nation’s teachers by using real, unfiltered examples from classrooms across the nation.

The Video

What started as research turned into the idea itself. We scrolled hundreds of TikTok videos and compiled the best of the best into a video that showcased the lengths our teachers go to every day to make a positive impact on their students.

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[The Results]

Teachers cried. Our client cried. We cried. Everyone was crying.

Year 2

For the second year of Excelligence’s Teacher Appreciation Week campaign, we went even further. In addition to compiling another TikTok appreciation video similar to Year 1, we also produced the cutest kid-interview series you’ll ever see, asking students to tell us why they love their teachers.

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[The Results]