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The Super Board

Brand Strategy // Public Relations // Influencer Activation // Social Media Strategy and Content Production // Graphic Design // Copywriting // Video Production

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The Recognition

National Awards 
2023 SHORTY BRONZE Honoree  |   Multi-platform Influencer Marketing



How do we extend the Savor Every Minute campaign to cultural and social holidays where Fiorucci is already a natural pairing?


The newly lengthened NFL season positioned The Big Game remarkably close to another February holiday, Valentine’s Day. The close proximity of the game, Feb. 13, and Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, created a fun tension between fans and lovers alike struggling to celebrate the respective holidays.


With both holidays relying heavily on the menu, Fiorucci Foods saw an opportunity to not only save the romance but ensure a super snack display for the Big Game, with the Super Board - the ultimate entertaining kitchen dish.

The Super Board

The Super Board was a dual-sided, 3-inch thick, walnut charcuterie board that showcased a football-inspired carving for fans to fill up for all their guests during The Big Game on one side and heart-shaped carvings for two partners or friends to share on Valentine’s Day on the other.


The Hero Video

Playing into the natural tension that our core audience would be feeling, we made a lighthearted product launch video playing on the tension of Sports vs. Love—letting people know that this year they don’t have to decide, and that we are going to be giving away these one-of-a-kind solutions!

The Influencer Giveaway 

With so many lifestyle and foodie influencers planning their big games and special meals, we worked with select paid partners to promote our giveaway. We also seeded the board to national influencers, capturing a ton of “free” surprise and delight content that promoted the board and the brand.

From Our Influencers: 

17 influencer-generated content pieces including 3 Instagram Reels, 10 Instagram Stories and 4 TikToks

[The Response]

For football fans, this was a touchdown, and for our Valentine’s Day fans, the board made people swoon. We had an unbelievable, possible response from people, and we were bombarded with social messages asking to buy the boards or requesting us to make more—many of which came from influencers who became future brand partners.

[The Results]

With a minimal lead time of 6 weeks that started during the holiday season and an all-in budget of $40k to spend on the boards, influencers and paid social—our team had to be quick, creative and strategic with every move we made.


And our two-minute drill speed date (how about that for a football + love pun?) was a winner!

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