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The Super Board 2.0 

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With more time and investment, how can we continue to drive brand awareness and cultural connection around the connected holidays of Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day? And do it even better than the year before?


We knew that the joint Super Bowl and Valentine’s tension wasn’t going anywhere, but we also now knew how much social media audiences wanted a chance to buy the board vs. just win it.


You know where this is going. We came back with another Super Board. The Super Board 2.0, but this year, instead of just giving away our board, we added in an online sale component to mimic “drops” or other one of a kind sales to build excitement and suspense.

The Super Board (again)

This year, we went bigger and better with 50 custom foldable boards. When folded, there was an elegant heart on the top for our loved ones to make a special charcuterie board for two. But when opened, there was a laser-engraved, small-scale replica of a football field to feed the biggest of big game parties.

The Launch Video

Riffing off of the idea of product launch and demo videos, we made our own version of a new product release video that teased the Super Board 2.0 as both a giveaway item for the second year in a row as well as an exclusive, limited-time drop for customers to purchase a board.

The Influencer Promotion

We had so much success in Year 1 that we looked for even more prominent influencers to partner with, and we let them host the giveaway. Our influencer partners gave away a few boards to some lucky fans, but they also teased the online sale, driving everyone to the Fiorucci website to buy them.


Right after we signed one of our partners to promote this Big Game Giveaway, she signed a deal to host the official TikTok Super Bowl party, adding increased awareness and credibility to our brand.


The Website and Online Sale

We built a custom eCommerce landing page to host the sale of the Super Board, and seamlessly linked it into our client’s existing website.


[The Response]

If 2022 was a touchdown, then this Super Board was football’s biggest end zone celebration. Our fans and fans of our influencer partners were blown away by the board and the idea. For the second year in a row, we were flooded with messages from fans asking how to get their hands on one.

[The Results]

With an all-in budget of $150k, we only made 50 of these one-of-a-kind boards, and we sold out in 47 minutes. Seriously—the first time refreshing our store inventory, they were gone!

Between our paid partners and UGC from winners, we received over 100 pieces of content from influencers that earned over 3M video views, 8.2k social shares and over 5k comments (almost all were positive).

The board even scored us an invitation to
Allison Kuch’s private Super Bowl house party!

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