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Iconic Summer Mashup 2.0

'Ham or Turkey Time' Starring Big & Rich

Brand and Creative Strategy // Copywriting and Concept Development // Graphic Design and Art Direction // Video Production // Influencer Activation // Social Media Strategy and Content Production // Digital and Traditional Media Planning and Buying // Web Design and Optimization


The Recognition

National Awards 

2023 GOLD Reggie  |  Challenger Brand Marketing

2023 SHORTY Winner  |  Unboxing Video


Local & Regional Awards 

AMA Spectrum Awards  |  2023 Best of Show

AMA Spectrum Awards   |  2023 Brand Marketing Campaign

AMA Spectrum Awards  | 2023 Social Media Marketing Campaign



How do we follow up from Year 1’s smashing parody music success across social media and with Bar-S hot dog sales? And how can we leverage and feature more of the Bar-S portfolio, making it more than hot dogs?


The comforting nostalgia from past culture and music was still alive and well with the Bar-S core audience, but to ensure it really connected for year, we leaned into audience research that showed a big chunk of Bar-S fans not only over-indexed in their preference for country music but lived in DMAs that had a strong country music lifestyle.


We teamed up with 90s country duo Big & Rich to put a country-rock twang on MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, building a bigger, badder parody featuring several cut downs of the song to promote new Bar-S products, and expanding our digital and social media footprint to target a larger audience in key Bar-S markets.

The Recap

We created the first-ever Country Hammer Dance!

ham_or_turkey_time,_ism_2.0_sizzle_reel (1080p)
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As MC Hammer would say, let’s break it down.

The Logo

The next-generation Iconic Summer Mashup campaign deserved a logo that would bring the essence of a rockin’ country party in Music City to life.

ISM Vol 2_Logo Color (2)_edited.png

The Music Video

Shot in the home of country music, Nashville, TN; we went bigger than we thought possible, grilling, line dancing and creating a mechanical hot dog ride that was a show stopper whether the camera was rolling or not.